Putting Plants Around The TV? Everything You Need To Know

putting plants around tv

If you’re looking to find out whether it’s okay to put plants around your TV or on the stand, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know and then show you our top plant picks to spice up your living room. 

Can You Put Plants Next To The TV?

Just to get this out of the way – you can put plants near your TV or on the stand. The TV does not directly affect a plant’s growth or health. There are, however, some things you should be aware of, starting with…

The Benefits

There are some advantages to using plants to brighten up the room your TV is in. Which can be summarized as follows:

  • It’s a good way to breathe life into a room that you may spend a lot of time in. 
  • Plants near your TV are a great way to show off your skills as a cultivator because they’ll receive the most attention. 
  • You can use plants to disguise or enhance a room’s negative or positive qualities. 
  • The plants you put around your TV can greatly contribute to the overall look and feel of the space. For example, you can make a bold statement with larger and more exotic plants, or use smaller plants to add a neat and refined look. 
  • Plants are relaxing. They can help you unwind after a stressful day, just what you need when you’re sitting down to watch some TV!

The Downsides

You should be aware of some negatives when placing your plants next to your TV. Which are:

  • The area your TV is in might be too shaded or near a radiator, which can potentially harm a plant’s growth and health. 
  • Like any indoor plants, there is some chance that they can get messy. Knocked-over plant pots full of soil can cause a lot of mess, but taking care when handling houseplants prevents untidy accidents. 
  • It can take extra effort to water plants near the TV due to them being close to electrical outlets. 
best plants to put next to tv

Choosing The Right Plants To Accompany Your TV

Before we get to some of our favorite plant picks, there are some things you should know to choose the best plants that fit your circumstances. There’s no one size fits all, but some handy pointers are here. 


Plants that are especially sensitive to heat may be adversely affected near the TV. While a TV on its own doesn’t produce that much heat, adding gaming consoles and other accessories to the mix can make that area hotter than the rest of the space. 

Stand and Shelves

Is your TV on a stand or wall-mounted? Depending upon what kind of stand or space you have dictates what kind of plants you can support. A smaller stand may not be able to support multiple plants, while a larger, more open space will do well with bigger plants. 

If your TV is wall mounted, you should take care not to overload any shelves that might be above it. The combined weight of a decorative pot, plus the soil and the plant itself, could be too much for your shelf to handle. 

Plant Requirements

Plants require different things depending upon the environment they’re adapted for. Some plants might like tons of light, and some do well with less water. Learning a bit about the plants you’re interested in beforehand can save you a lot of hassle. 

decorating indoor plants around tv

Common Concerns and Questions

In this section, we’ll look at some common concerns and questions, but we’ll pre-phase this section by saying that TVs don’t directly hurt or harm your plants. If there is an issue with the plants around your TV, it’s most likely due to them not getting enough light or water. 

Is it safe to put plants near the TV? 

The TV by itself has no negative or positive effect on the plant. However, you should always move your plants away from the TV when watering them, as getting water on electrical appliances is never a good idea. 

Can a TV be used as a light source for plants?

No, the light from a TV screen doesn’t have the same properties as natural light. You might need to get a grow lamp if you’re looking to use plants that require tons of direct light to flourish. 

Can the TV dry my plants out?

No, the TV will not directly dry out your plants. If your plants are looking dry and wilted, it’s most likely because they aren’t getting enough water, or something is ailing them. Plants that require very high humidity may not be suitable near a TV set – especially if they require a humidifier, as this could damage the electronics in your TV. 

Our Top Pick Plants To Go Near Your TV

1. Snake Plant

Snake Plants are tough, adaptable plants that are easy to care for. Their upward and slightly curving leaves always look great on the ground. They are interesting plants to look at but don’t overwhelm the space they take. 

These are fantastic if you’re after a low-maintenance plant that adds a touch of green. They look good in corners and are an easy way to enliven an area but also add a touch of neatness due to the leaves not sprawling out too much. They are not fussy and will grow in spaces that other plants might not do well in. 

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2. Rubber Plant

Rubber plants have big glossy leaves that add vibrancy to a room. Rubber plants are also an excellent choice for the floor because they can reach heights of around 6 feet. They thrive in spaces with access to bright but indirect sunlight. 

This plant is great for those who want to add a more upfront and decorative element to their TV area. They’re a great way to spruce up neutral colors, as your attention will naturally be drawn to this beautiful plant. 

3. Fiddle Figs

fiddle-leaf fig next to tv

Fiddle figs have gorgeous and glossy leaves and can be a great way to add an explosion of green near your TV. This plant also prefers bright but indirect sunlight. Fiddle Figs are great for adding height and color to a room – especially with lighter or more neutral wall colors. 

You can use the Fiddle Fig to soften hard edges, as attention is drawn towards the plant and away from the furniture. It’s also fantastic for filling empty wall space or brighter corners. 

4. Pothos

pothos on plant shelf above tv

Pothos is another adaptable plant – they also like bright but indirect light, but they can tolerate a wider range of lighting. This plant is great to climb or trail next to your TV and can give an almost fairytale-like feel to a room.

You can use hanging baskets or shelving units to allow this plant to trail down – depending upon what your space allows. The beautiful and long dangling Pothos will add grandeur and style wherever it’s put. 

5. Monstera

monstera near tv stand

Monstera plants are quirky with big leaves and almost look like they belong in Jurassic Park. These plants like medium to bright but indirect sunlight. Monsteras are another great way to fill up empty spaces or corners. 

The Monstera works particularly well with darker room colors (such as in the picture above). Because it helps the plants add color and life to the room without dominating the space and distracting too much. 

6. Bird of Paradise

bird of paradise next to tv stand

Add a tropical touch to your TV area with the Bird of Paradise. These plants are native to South Africa. They like bright but indirect light and prefer higher humidity (which you can help with by misting daily). 

Bird of Paradise is a beauty that stands alone. A single one of these can completely change an entire room. They can give a room height, but at the same time, they won’t overly distract or dominate the space that they’re in. 

7. Indoor Palms

Indoor Palms next to tv stand

Indoor palms are another excellent choice to accompany your TV. These plants prefer bright but indirect sunlight and higher humidity. They might need a humidifier in drier environments, as these are tropical plants.

They work especially well with a minimalist aesthetic or modern apartments. They do well in boxy rooms with neutral colors. They also look good on their own or mixed in with other plants. The exotic palm provides a contrasting visual without overwhelming everything else around it. 

Other Decoration Ideas To Inspire You

Various Large and Small Potted Plants
Various Large and Small Potted Plants
plants above tv
Minimalist Aesthetic Using Neutral Colors With Vibrant Green
decor around tv with indoor plants
Fully Utilizing Stand and Shelf Space

Closing Thoughts

As you can see, there are always fantastic options for plants that you can use to spruce up a living room or place around your TV area. As long as you pay attention to what your specific plant needs, you can enjoy natural vistas alongside your favorite films and programs. 

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