20+ Best Boho Plants: Ultimate Decor Guide & Styling Tips

best boho plants

There could never be an all-inclusive list of houseplants for Boho spaces since most plants look great in this style. However, certain houseplants will elevate this decor, provide balance, and add extra Bohemian charm to any room.  

These are the best Boho plants due to their growth patterns, the style of planters they go best in, and their tropical origins. The plants listed are also all rather unique, encompassing the Bohemian style. 

What is Bohemian Style?

Bohemian style, commonly shortened to “Boho,” is a fun, expressive, and comfortable type of decor. The Boho style is characterized by earthy colors and carefree layers of patterns and textures. 

This style is inspired by the Bohemian definition- someone that isn’t restricted by conformity and is often focused on art. Therefore, the Boho style is somewhat unconventional, with no hard rules. We’ll explain the common elements of this decor, but one factor to keep in mind is that the Boho style relies heavily on what you like. 

The following elements of decor are characteristics of the Boho style:

  • Items either from or inspired by various cultures and parts of the world 
  • Worn fabrics such as rugs, pillows, and throws
  • Light-toned wood, bamboo, wicker, and rattan furniture
  • Unique art and flea market finds.
  • Distressed metallics like gold and brass
  • Earth-toned rooms with pops of accent colors and patterns
  • Plants and nature-inspired decor with a modern organic tone
  • Vintage furniture, fabrics, and trinkets from your travels
  • Uncommon decor pieces that have a story

3 Main Types of Boho Style

Since Bohemian style encompasses freedom, don’t feel you must be boxed into a style type. Regular Boho decor often falls between these types, and many of us have a combination of these in our homes. However, if you tend to gravitate towards a particular way of decorating your space, you can consider these Boho-style types for inspiration.

1. Boho Maximalist

With the concept of “more is more,” the maximalist style, in general, is the idea of a very colorful and layered space with lots of art decor. Boho Maximalist is this same concept with boho-styled pieces. 

These rooms are incredibly colorful and fun, with vintage wooden or rattan furniture accents. Usually, you’ll work off of a couple of rich base colors and layer in complementary colors. This style looks fantastic with large tropical plants!

2. Boho Minimalist

boho minimalist style
Image Credit: Stephen Paul

Opposite to maximalism, the minimalist style embraces the “less is more” mentality. While the original minimalist style may conflict with some of the general practices of the boho style, you can combine the two quite nicely! Think moderation with Bohohemian touches.

In a Boho minimalist room, patterns should be relaxed and spaced out from one another. 

Incorporate more neutral colors such as white and beige, and use bold colors sparingly. Also, leave some open floor space for a timeless minimal look. As you may have guessed, plants give the Boho minimal room that organic, earthy feel. 

3. Modern Boho

Modern Boho, also known as Urban Boho, combines modern furnishings with organic bohemian decor. This style is more reserved than the traditional boho style and best suits people who enjoy modern furniture with boho decor.

The main furniture pieces, such as a couch or coffee table, are usually modern and sleek. Colors are often expressed within patterns. For example, a bohemian-style rug with a design that is not too busy will help establish the boho element of this style. 

Modern Boho style may include colorful items but often does not layer bold colors. Instead, you can accentuate the Modern Boho style by incorporating modern art or abstract nature wall art. Throw in a sleek light wooden furniture piece and plants, of course.

For your planters, the grey or white textured stone is an excellent option for this style.

How Your Houseplants Add Boho Style

Regardless of the type of Boho style you choose, one element that is sure to add Boho character is indoor plants.

Having plants around your indoor space brings a laid-back feeling to your home. Plants create an earthy, organic, and informal look that will accentuate any Boho style. 

Additionally, houseplants give your room a jungle vibe that pairs nicely with the natural materials used in Boho decor. Picture a hanging houseplant trailing beside a rattan chair or a large tropical floor plant in a woven basket.

Plants give a room an instant Boho look, and their planters also add Bohemian touches. The color pallet of terracotta pots and seagrass baskets helps create a relaxing Boho oasis. 

Lastly, the greenery of houseplants balances out colorful areas or spaces with multiple patterns and layered textures. Your houseplants will ground your room and bring a feeling of serenity to your space.

By balancing so well with your Boho decor, houseplants actually help draw attention to your bold and unique Bohemian pieces. 

A. Boho Floor Plants

Floor plants are a perfect way to incorporate large woven baskets or terracotta pots into a room. Large floor plants also provide additional shape and texture to your Boho space.

While some bushy floor plants don’t grow very large, you can give your smaller floor plants height by placing them on plant stands made of wood, rattan, or metal.

Most of these plants are native to tropical rainforests and grow as understory plants. Therefore, they like top-down light. 

1. Aglaonema 

Aglaonema boho plant
Photo by author – Aglaonema Maria

Coming in a wide variety of foliage and stem colors, Aglaonemas are stunning, laid-back houseplants. They are typically easy-care and very affordable. Aglaonemas have good-sized leaves and grow like bushy jungle plants. 

Since Aglaonema leaves often have a unique pattern, they look beautiful in solid-colored planters, giving the plant’s variegation the spotlight. Put them in large woven baskets or terracotta cover pots.

Keep them happy with medium to bright indirect light, and let them dry out between waterings. 

2. Ming Aralia 

Ming Aralia 
Photo by author

The Ming Aralia, scientific name Polyscias fruticosa, is native to the tropics of Polynesia and India. This evergreen shrub goes beautifully with Bohemian decor. It has delicate leaves and woody stems that may remind you of a Bonsai tree. The plant has a tropical look and goes exceptionally well in baskets or wicker plant stands

Grow your Ming Aralia in bright indirect light, even some direct sunlight. Give it 50% humidity, and let it dry out between waterings. No special water is needed. This plant is relatively pest resistant, but it is toxic to pets

3. Snake Plants

snake plant in boho basket

You can’t go wrong with snake plants. They can add an exotic or even desert look to a space. Snake plants look perfect in Boho baskets, terracotta pots, and ceramics with unique patterns. 

Unlike other floor plants on this list, snake plants are native to dry habitats in tropical Africa. Therefore, it’s best to wait until the snake plant is bone dry before watering it. Contrary to previous snake plant care myths, give your snake plant bright indirect or even some direct light (indoors only) to prevent root rot and promote growth.  

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4. Zebra Plant

zebra plant boho decor
Photo by author

The Zebra Plant, Aphelandra Squarrosa, is an excellent Boho floor plant. It has striking foliage and produces orange-yellow flowers. The leaves of the Zebra Plant can become quite large with proper care. This plant looks great in terracotta pots, rattan plant stands, and stone pottery

However, we recommend decorative planters as cover pots and keeping your Zebra in a plastic nursery pot or self-watering pot. This is due to the plant’s love of water and dramatic leaf droop if it becomes too dry.

Keep your Zebra happy with 50% humidity, evenly moist soil, and bright indirect light. While not the easiest plant for beginners, it is a stunning Boho plant. 

5. Large Philodendrons (Climbing or Upright)

large philodendrons boho style
Photo by author – Philodendrons Imperial Green & Silver Sword (Hastatum)

Whether your large Philodendrons are climbing or growing upright with minor support, these plants look amazing with Boho decor. The organic accessories that Philodendrons love work perfectly in a Boho room. These include moss poles, wooden planks, bamboo sticks, and trellises.

While this is a vast group of plants, some examples of great climbing Philodendrons are the Golden Goddess, Silver Sword, and Glorious. In addition, many of the upright Philodendrons look perfect in baskets. These include Imperial Green, Summer Glory, Rojo Congo, and Prince of Orange

The Philodendrons all have their own care requirements but tend to share in common that they appreciate humidity, bright indirect light, and drying out almost completely between waterings. 

B. Fenestrated-leaf Boho Plants

Complete the jungle look with tropical plants that have fenestrated leaves.

Monstera Deliciosa boho decor

A staple in most plant collections, the Monstera Deliciosa, is an excellent choice for a Bohemian-styled room. It is the go-to houseplant when people think of jungle plants.

monstera adansonii boho style

Also, the Monstera Adensonii has a different look but brings charm to your space with its unique leaves.

Rhaphidophora Tetrasperma boho decor

Finally, Rhaphidophora Tetrasperma is more compact for smaller spaces. It is a beautiful tropical plant native to Southern Thailand and Malaysia.

If you acquire the solid green version of all three plants, they will look great in any basket or colorful pot. With the variegated versions, they tend to look their best in baskets or solid-colored pots.

The care varies on these plants, but their needs are similar to most of the Philodendrons. They enjoy bright indirect light, can’t tolerate sitting in wet soil, and all benefit from structural support as they grow. 

C. Succulents & Cacti

boho style succulent arrangement

Succulents and cacti look perfect with Boho decor because they can often be placed in adorable, tiny, decorative pots on the windowsill. Or, they can be grouped for a lovely Zen garden.

The quirkiness of many succulents and cacti makes them great for adding Boho personality to a room. 

To keep these plants happy, give them well-draining soil and only water when bone dry. Most prefer bright sunlight but check the label, as some succulents (such as bear claws) can get burned in full sun. 

D. Trailing Boho Plants

Yes, it’s true that no Boho space is complete without some trailing plants. Consider these trailing plants that pair perfectly with light wooden furniture, baskets, and decorative Bohemian-style rugs. 

1. All the Pothos (Epipremnum)

pothos boho decor
Photo by https://www.instagram.com/green_wood_woman/

If we had to choose only one type of houseplant for a Boho space, it would be Pothos. This is because Pothos plants not only add an earthy vibe, but also are a vintage classic.

As mentioned, Boho decor combines many styles and has aligned with the 70s Hippie aesthetic in the past. Pothos has been part of Boho decor since it became mainstream, and any Epipremnum looks perfect with this style. 

Pothos plants are also incredibly versatile. They look beautiful growing along a wall, up a wooden plank, or hanging in a woven basket. Since they are prolific growers, they can quickly add a jungle look to any room on a budget.

As easy-care plants, they can also tolerate a lot of neglect. Keep them happy with bright indirect light and well-draining soil. 

2. Heart Leaf Philodendrons (Green, Brasil, and Micans) 

As some of the most loveable houseplants, these easy-care trailing Philodendrons are a must-have. They each add a Boho aesthetic with their carefree vines and offer more exotic varieties than just sticking to Pothos alone.

Similar to Pothos, the trailing Philodendrons go with everything from stone pottery to rattan planters. 

green heartleaf philodendron

The green heart leaf Philodendron looks perfect in hanging baskets, ceramic, or terracotta pots.

philodendron brasil boho decor

The Philodendron Brasil is the ultimate cheerful jungle plant with its neon green variegation down the center of its heart leaves. Place it in a hanging basket, and let it grow wildly over a desk or shelf.

philodendron micans boho decor

Lastly, the Philodendron Micans is a remarkable plant with dark velvety leaves. The Micans looks best in a light-colored wooden or rattan basket to bring out the dark beauty of its leaves, or grow it climbing up a moss pole for larger velvety leaves. 

The care of these three Philodendrons is nearly the same, with a few caveats. They all thrive in bright indirect light, but the Micans burns more easily with direct sun rays.

The Brasil seems to like the highest amount of indirect light out of these three and maintains variegation better with good light.

You’ll find that the green heartleaf and Brasil are fine to dry out between waterings, but the Micans prefers to be watered when it’s about 70% dry.

3. Hoyas

boho style hoyas
From left to right: Hoya Krimson Queen, Pubicalyx, & Macrophylla – Photo by author

Hoyas combine the best characteristics of several plant groups. They have succulent-like leaves, vines that remind you of Pothos, and no shortage of their own unique variegation.

Many hoyas offer pink colors on their stems, new leaves, or sun-stressed leaves. This pink color looks fantastic with Boho decor, complementing the neutral color pallet. The Hoyas also have white variegation along the edges or in the center of the leaves, as well as vibrant greens. 

The beautiful color contrasts of Hoya leaves are stunning as their vines trail out of a woven basket. If the whites and pinks aren’t your style, many other hoyas offer yellow, green, and silver variegation

As they trail, you’ll enjoy the look of their long vines in your Boho space. If you’re lucky, you might even get some flowers too.

Hoyas require bright indirect and direct light. Prioritize your brightest windows for them. They grow perfectly in a South or West window and like to be watered when they are dried out completely. 

4. The “String of” Plants

string of pearls boho decor
String of Pearls

The “String” plants add unique textures and shapes to a Boho space. Think of a wooden beaded curtain. These plants give that same Bohemian feel. A few examples of these plants are String of Pearls, String of Dolphins, and String of Hearts

The “string” plants differ in their care as some have succulent-like leaves while the String of Hearts has thinner leaves. They all prefer plenty of light, but the String of Hearts should be kept away from direct sunlight.

The String of Pearls does best in a window with plenty of direct morning sun and a good amount of indirect sun during the day, such as a Southeast or East window. 

E. Boho Table Plants

The Boho plants on this list look great on tables and plant shelves. They are usually small enough to fit on small tables or tall wooden stools. However, you can hang them, of course.

Most of the variegated table plants look best in a basket or solid-colored planter to allow their variegation to be in the spotlight. 

1. Prayer Plants

prayer plants boho decor

The best Prayer plants for Boho spaces include Calatheas and Marantas. These are colorful plants, often characterized by being a bit fussy. However, once you figure out what they need to grow in your space, the Prayer plants will add a very exotic look to your Bohemian style. 

They also “move.” Yes, the Calatheas and Marantas bend their leaves upward during the night and bend them down flat during the day to soak up the light. Boho rooms are characterized by authenticity and personality. With their features, Marantas and Calatheas seem to have plenty of this.

Put them in a basket cover pot, and they will look perfect. 

Calatheas and Marantas enjoy similar care. No direct light, but give them bright indirect light. Water them when they are about 50% dry. They cannot tolerate drying out, which people often struggle with in their care.

They also need plenty of humidity and filtered water. The Calatheas are prone to spider mites, so treat them immediately if you see webbing or pests. 

2. Alocasias

alocasia zebrina boho decor

While Alocasias are not the first plant that comes to mind when you think of a Boho room, they add a classy, sculptural, and polished look to a Modern Boho or Minimalist Boho space.

Alocasias come in many different shapes and colors, but all have a reserved growth pattern with typically few leaves. This makes them a great statement piece for a Boho room. 

The Alocasia can help ground your space among many wild and free leafy plants. With the large size of Alocasia leaves, they certainly add a jungle look.

Water your Alocasia when the top 2 inches of soil dries out, avoid direct sunlight, and keep it in a well-draining soil mix. 

3. Coffee Plant

This rich green, leafy plant looks perfect with rattan, seagrass, white walls, and light wooden furniture. Therefore, it pairs perfectly with Boho decor and colors.

While there are many green plants around, the Coffee plant is a classic plant with a deep history of providing us with a wonderful thing, coffee! It is a timeless and authentic plant that you can grow indoors under the right conditions. 

Give your coffee plant humidity and bright indirect light. Don’t let it dry out. This plant does well in a self-watering pot if the soil is chunky and well-draining.

However, you may have to wait it out for your coffee harvest since the plant needs to mature over a few years before you’ll see coffee beans. Nevertheless, it is still a very cool plant to have.

4. China Doll

china doll plant boho decor

The China Doll will give you a green leafy look like the Coffee plant, but it typically grows faster. It looks adorable in a decorative ceramic pot, terracotta cover pot, or basket.

The China Doll pairs well with the designs and patterns of a Boho room since its leaves are deep green. These green foliage plants are great for keeping your Bohemian space from getting too busy with patterns while also adding earthy charm. 

The China Doll grows like a small shrub bush and appreciates humidity. This plant can sustain damage if its soil becomes too dry, so treat its watering like a Calathea. The China doll also declines in low light and needs plenty of bright indirect light. 

Boho Plant Accessories 

Consider these accessories for your houseplants that double as perfect decoration for your Boho space. 

  • Macrame- curtains for filtered plant sunlight and plant hangers
  • Stained Glass window film- light filtering with a retro look and pop of color
  • Woven baskets- as plant cover pots
  • Gold or brass- planters and plant stands.
  • Wicker or rattan- plant tables, floor shelves, plant stands, and wall shelves.

Boho Touches that Look Perfect with Plants

Here are some additional pieces that provide comfort and Boho decoration while looking great next to your plants. 

  • Plant-designed vintage fabric
  • Terracotta-colored pillows
  • Modern plant art
  • Fountains and water features
  • Macrame wall art
  • Gold accent decor
plant-designed vintage fabric
Plant-designed vintage fabric – Photo by author
Terracotta-colored pillows
Terracotta-colored pillows – Photo by author
Modern plant art
Modern plant art – Photo by author
Fountains & water features
Fountains & water features – Photo by author
gold accent decor
Gold accent decor – Photo by author
boho macrame wall hanging
Macrame wall art – Photo by author

Tips for Balancing Boho Decor

As we mentioned, there are no hard rules in the Bohemian style, which is part of its appeal. The style alone encompasses freedom and individuality. Therefore, you should decorate in a way that makes you happy in your space.

However, as you add in more Boho decor, you may reach a point where you feel that your room needs balance. It is best to balance out your Boho space to appreciate every piece of art, plant, and texture. 

Balancing Patterns and Neutrals

To get that perfect blend of patterns and neutrals, try incorporating pops of color and patterns spread out throughout the room.

You can layer multiple patterns next to each other. Still, it looks best when they are the same types of items, such as a few blankets, several pillows, or a few decorative plant pots.

Try to keep your patterned types of items spread out in different parts of your space with neutrals in between.

Balancing Decor with Open Space

To get the perfect blend of decoration and uncluttered spaces, use design elements such as white walls, green houseplants, wooden floors, furniture, or rattan shelves. These neutrals will balance your colors and decor to give the room a more cohesive look.

Decorating with plants is also an excellent opportunity to ground your space and add Boho personality. 

Additionally, you can offset a colorful decor area with organic textures like woven basket planters, macrame, terracotta pots, and wicker chairs. The point is not to erase color or personality but to balance it with organic neutrals. Then you can accentuate your art by placing simple items around it. 

boho plant decor tips

Key Takeaways

Boho style is a free and artful way to express yourself and showcase your treasures from all over the world. While the style has main types, Bohemian decor is what you make it.

Boho plants complete the look by adding earthy charm, textures, and organic neutrals with baskets and pottery planters. The main goal is to create a space that provides you with peace, freedom, and inspiration. 

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