The survey revealed just how popular a pastime visiting public gardens is in America.

  • The average family visits their local one 9 times per year, and would be happy to drive a three hour round trip just to access one.
  • A whopping 91% of respondents said that public gardens have a positive impact on their mental health
  • Over half (56%) believe more investment should be made in our public gardens.

The survey also revealed interesting findings when it comes to people’s preferences for the plants they keep in their homes. When asked which types of indoor plants they keep, the most popular were flowering plants, such as African Violets, Peace Lilies, and Bromeliads

Flowering plants are popular among Americans for their beauty, ease of care and year-round enjoyment. They add color to indoor and outdoor spaces, improve air quality, reduce stress, and boost mood and productivity.

The second favorites were Succulents and Cacti (e.g., Snake Plants, Haworthia, Agave, Aloe, Echeveria, Cacti), and in third place were herb plants.